DarkAdapted for Windows 3.0.1

DarkAdapted is an application program. It controls the amount of red, green, and blue in your screen gamma so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer.

DarkAdapted for Windows 3.0.1

DarkAdapted is an application program. It controls the amount of red, green, and blue in your screen gamma so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer. Gamma fades can be scheduled, AppleScripts may be scheduled, and system-wide hotkeys can be set up to execute AppleScripts and gamma fades.

DarkAdapted is being used by astronomers, planetarium operators, graphics professionals, medical professionals, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, and others worldwide to provide flexible, dynamic control over their monitor's screen color response. People with monitors that appear too bright (such as owners of certain iMac models), also find DarkAdapted to be valuable. Users may define an unlimited number of gamma presets, and invoke them via global hotkeys, by menu selection, or by typing the first few letters of a presetOCOs name.

DarkAdapted Applications:

* Dark adaptation OCo view screen in shades of red or green.
* Reducing display brightness OCo turn down the brightness with a touch of a hotkey or at scheduled times.
* Reducing monitor/display hum or buzz OCo a common cause is running an LCD backlight at less than 100% brightness. Turn the backlight to 100%, then use DarkAdapted to reduce the brightness.
* Photographers OCo after color calibrating your display with a professional device, use DarkAdapted to tweak the colors for special applications.
* Scotopic sensitivity OCo those with sensitivity to certain colors can often find relief via DarkAdaptedOCOs color adjustments.
* Colorblindness OCo the display can often be tweaked so that color coded maps, etc. can be properly interpreted by the colorblind.
* OCZand much more OCo we receive many reports of solutions involving DarkAdapted in addition to the above.

DarkAdapted Standard and DarkAdapted for Windows Features:

* Try DarkAdapted Standard or DarkAdapted Pro before you buy, as often as you like.
* Customizable gamma presets. Use predefined settings, create your own, and manipulate your presets with ease. For example, use the OCtDark RedOCL setting to preserve your dark adaptation. Or create a preset to deal with monitor characteristics or viewing conditions.
* Adjust gamma values via sliders or from the keyboard.
* High-resolution sliders allow you to adjust red, green, and blue video components individually and in real time. Sliders can be set to report gamma values as percentages or as raw gamma values.
* Keyboard control of gamma color values, using raw gamma values or percentages. Switch between percentage/raw display with a press of the spacebar.
* Ganged Slider Mode allows you to control all three gamma components in unison, optionally preserving the gammaOCOs relative values between adjustments.
* Small screen mode hides advanced controls, minimizing the use of valuable screen real estate. The control window may also be hidden entirely.
* Select a preset by typing the first few letters of its name.
* Export and import gamma presets to and from disk files. Many sample presets files are included with the download.
* Full AppleScript support (on Mac OS), including a sample AppleScript with the Mac OS download.
* OCtGamma ToggleOCL keys offer a quick return to full brightness. Modifier keys are fully assignable, and display in the control window to remind you what they are.
* Switching to gamma presets is performed via smooth fades, never abrupt shifts in screen color or brightness.
* Gamma fade duration is user-configurable (from instantaneous to two seconds), and slider controls may be set to update in real time during the fade.
* Almost all windows OCtrememberOCL their positions on your screen.
* Saved gamma preset can be restored when DarkAdapted is launched, and reset when DarkAdapted quits.
* Automatic refresh preference can override gamma adjustments made by screen savers or other software.
Release notes: New Release
TE New: DarkAdapted Pro: When changing between percentage and raw value displays using [tab] followed by [spacebar] in the Control Window, all Control Windows on all screens change to reflect the new type of display.
TE Fixed Control Window bug where tabbing to change Gamma values would only work when pressing [enter] and not when [tab] was pressed to move to the next field.
TE Changing values by tabbing to colors in Control Window no longer adjusts text in percentage mode.
TE Implementing Preset Set fade now updates Presets pop-up menu in Control Window.
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